About Us

What We Do?

GET RESOURCES LTD is a leading consultancy entity dealing with capacity building, mentoring and training in both the private and public sectors. We specialize in training, consulting, mentoring and project management with a focus in enterprise and microfinance/SACCO development, resource and agency based empowerment, business development services and institutional strengthening.


Working with Institutions, government, and NGOs in providing solutions to target groups.

  1. To consult for organizations and institutions to enhance lives through capacity building
  2. Developing and mentoring organizations, institutions and individuals to maximize on their potential Initiate support to alternative livelihood sources and income diversification through implementing viable target based projects.
  3.  Initiate support to alternative livelihood sources and income diversification through       implementing viable target based projects.

We believe that people have God- given potential and resources that can be unleashed to better their economic situation if only they get support to maximize on locally available resources. We insist on building their capacity and therefore regaining their self- esteem.

We design our services based on our clients’ specific needs, selecting our resource people carefully, full time or associates and each person is assigned tasks based on their key competencies. We are open to learning from new experiences and keep on sharpening our business to suit the current trends in the market. We therefore believe that through and together with our collaborating partners, we have a lot to offer in the development initiatives as we network and application of extensive experience and knowhow on micro enterprise development concerns.

Our policy is to offer highly qualified and experienced professionals who match the requirements of the contract. The wealth of experience and knowledge amongst the associate consultants is our biggest strength. We believe in partnerships and networks to create synergy as no one person will fight succeed single handedly.


Members of the Professional Business Mentors Association (PBMA Kenya)


1. International Labor Organization (ILO) as Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) Trainers

2. USAID Empowered Entrepreneur Training (EETP) Programme as Master Trainers