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We are leading Consultants, trainers, mentors, & project managers based in Thika.

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Customized Training Programs to Meet Your Requirements.

GET RESOURCES LTD is a leading consultancy entity dealing with capacity building, mentoring and training in both the private and public sectors.

We are specialized Consultants, Trainers, Mentors, & Project Managers in: Business Development Services Entrepreneurship Skills Training Business Mentorship Group Dynamics and Leadership Village Savings and Lending Associations (Table Banking) Microfinance and SACCO Operations Agency Based Empowerment (Psyco-Social Support) Training of Trainers /Master Trainers Local Resource Mobilization

Supporting Your Corporate/Business Experience

World Class & Modern Skills

Our tradition of corporate mentorship is Excellence; a value that sustain growth of your entity to achieve more.


We believe that people have God- given potential and resources that can be unleashed to better their economic situation if only they get support to maximize on locally available resources.


We design our services based on our clients’ specific needs, selecting our resource people carefully, full time or associates and each person is assigned tasks based on their key competencies.


Our policy is to offer highly qualified and experienced professionals who match the requirements of the contract. The wealth of experience and knowledge amongst the associate consultants is...


We're shaped towards becoming a proven leader in providing effective tailor-made mentorship skills and corporate employee training in Kenya. We go beyond to impact the spirit of excellence

Cutting Edge consultancy Services!

Our key team of consultants have many years of experience in microfinance and SACCO operations, business development services, corporate strengthening, Agency Based Empowerment among other competencies. 

We Are Committed To Impacting Knowledge & Skills.

We have highly-skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, diversified, and solid team of competent and experienced consulting professionals who provide a hassle-free solutions.