Our Work

Tailor-Made Training Programs

We design our services based on our clients’ specific needs, selecting our resource people carefully, full time or associates and each person is assigned tasks based on their key competencies. We are open to learning from new experiences and keep on sharpening our business to suit the current trends in the market.
We therefore believe that through and together with our collaborating partners, we have a lot to offer in the development initiatives as we network and application of extensive experience and knowhow on micro enterprise development concerns.


We have adopted a partnership approach; we have successfully worked with a diverse range of clients, associates and partners. These groups can be categorized as follows:


1. We are a selected partner with the International Labour Organization, (ILO) Kenya in developing and implementing SIYB programme under Youth Enterprise Facility (YEF Kenya), with the following objectives:

  • To provide potential young entrepreneurs with appropriate business development services that would enable them start and/or grow and sustain their enterprises.
  • Development of trainers
  • Provide BDS to young potential and existing entrepreneurs, through training, businesscounseling, mentoring , etc
  • Ensure monitoring and evaluation system
  • Ensure reporting and feedback

2. We are certified Empowered Enterpreneuers Master Trainers by the Winrock International and USAID.